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Native Grape Odyssey Maestro course:

This is a course designed to develop a group of highly skilled specialists, able to speak, write about and promote European native grapes and the resulting wines.

Taking a focus on native grapes and placing them within their region context, the NGO Maestro consists of 4 days of intensive lectures combined with tastings of core varieties. These have been structured to demonstrate the way that indigenous grapes are tied to the climate, terroir and winemaking traditions of the areas where they originated, and how this can be seen and identified in the glass.

This combination of lectures with tastings allows candidates to build a comprehensive knowledge & understanding of native grapes, and their potential expressions.

Further to the course, candidates are invited to a walk around tasting featuring prominent producers, allowing them greater exposure to wines and styles to build not only knowledge but also a broader community within European Quality Wine.

Eligible participants:

WSET level 2 / ISG level 1 / Court of Master Sommeliers Introductory Level are helpful, but are not considered as prerequisites as we also accept passionate and motivated wine lovers.

Assessment: A multiple choice exam of 50 questions in 1h and a tasting paper of one white and one red wine, to be completed in 20 mins.